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Annebeth Bels, a popular dutch fashion blogger, wrote a feature on Faze t-shirts. Have a read here to see what she said.

Sorry for the absence, life is hectic! I had an office party friday night and I was invited to a dinner at Supervet by my friends Eline and Ruud yesterday, so I've had zero time to blog. I hope you've had a lovely couple of days as well, and that you enjoy my outfit!

I picked up these leopard print slip-ons last Tuesday. At just 14,95€ they were just the sort of uber trendy piece you allow yourself to buy even though you don't need it. I'm sure you'll be seeing slip-ons pop up on basically every single style blog you follow over the next few months since they are so hyped right now. I actually used to own a pair of these in my teens, but since they were ever so slightly too small I ended up getting rid of them. In fact, I had these exact Misfits slip-ons so I could always get them in the right size somewhere in the future, for old time's sake.Oldskool.Slip-ons make me feel like a total teenage rebel bad ass surfer.

You know what else makes me feel like that? This awesome blue to white thermochromic T-shirt by Faze that changes colour when it comes in contact with (body) heat. It's also available in purple to pink, green to yellow and pink to blue, but I loved the blue to pink best because it reminded me of fluffy clouds in a sunny sky. I usually wear a EU36, I ordered the shirt in a size small and it fits me perfectly. They all cost 21€ which is very reasonable .Now, it was mega cold outside when I snapped these pictures, so it was basically impossible to show the colour change to you guys, but the selfie shot gives you a better idea. So, thermochromic garments: something you'd wear?

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