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Isabella Lee, a fashion student and UK blogger, is a huge fan of our t-shirts. See what she has to say about them.

In the past week I have been away in France in the Alps - shopping , skiing , taking pictures and so on . This week I have found some great little creations called 'Popbands' , Popbands are these really stretchy soft and colourful hairbands that leave your hair dent free when you take them out ! They also double up as some fabulous arm wear , stacking them up looks good I have found . They are incredibly useful for skiing as they don't slip out your hair and if it gets wet ( it always does ) then when it dries again , your hair is left kink free ! Did I mention how wide the variety of colours is or how unbelievably cheap these wonders are ! The Popbands that I modelled below are called the 'Autumn' Popbands and come in a pack of 5 bands for £6 , BARGIN ! I also have a black 'Noir' Popband that I use for smarter occasions as it has a beautiful crystal bead on it .The other wristband I am wearing is a friendship bracelet from Cruciani , they crochet bracelets are made of macramé lace and are made-in-Italy. They are available in a stunning array of styles and colours ,and have been worn by celebrities including Beyonce, Rita Ora, Paris Hilton ! I wore the fluorescent pink 'Hand of Fatima' bracelet .

The top I'm wearing is from 'Faze' and changes colour with heat , this is a bit of a retro thermo chromic product as they were really big in the 90's . Its super cool when skiing because of the heat change from under a jacket to the freezing cold air ! I chose a pink to purple changing top , they are great fun .My Sunglasses are from Topshop and ski bottoms are from Spyder . Have a lovely week everyone !

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